Professional In-Cup Machine

Model The Professional
Standard Professional: 4 selection, Coin Validator, In-Cup Machine
Number of selections 4
Total cup capacity 156
Dimensions (Wmm x Hmm x Dmm) 560 x 555 x 360
Weight 23kg
Power supply 220-240V 3kW
Mains water pressure 1.5 - 10 bar
71mm (cup must be specified at the time of ordering) OPTION
73mm (cup must be specified at the time of ordering) OPTION
76mm (cup must be specified at the time of ordering) OPTION
Coin Control and Payment System Options: (must be selected at the time of ordering)
Full electronic coin mechanism which accepts all coins (no change given) and the DarenthMJS Token. The mechanism is supplied fitted, complete with cash tray, interconnecting cables, machine programming and testing. STANDARD
Lockable cash box including retaining mechanism and locking system OPTION
Other Options:
Integral sugar dispenser with refillable jar in place of one of the 4 drink options. Selecting this no cost option decreases the total cup capacity from 156 to 117 NO COST OPTION
Matching base cabinet (W560mm x H910mm x D550mm) OPTION
Custom made extra wide drip tray (W780mm x D550mm) OPTION
Custom base cabinet for use with extra wide drip tray (W780mm x H910mm x D620mm) OPTION
Water pump for superior drink mixing OPTION
Mains water supply hose OPTION
'Free Vend' key switch for easy 'Free Vend' set from outside the machine OPTION
'Free Vend' time switch for up to 4 'Free Vend' timed periods per day OPTION
Water filter installation kit (filter head, short hose, adaptors, fixings etc - water filter cartridge not included) OPTION
Water filter cartridge type 5S - recommended for hot only machines OPTION
Tokens for use with electronic coin validator (1 token = 1 credit) supplied in bags of 100 OPTION
Continental type stir sticks for use in dispenser mechanisms or loose and supplied in boxes of 2500 OPTION
Cup carrying trays - carries 5 cups with space for sugar sachets and stirrers. Supplied in boxes of 10. OPTION
Drinks coaster with your choice of artwork supplied in boxes of 500 OPTION

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Darenth Professional In-Cup Machine